The EdTech Startup Show: Dr. Carolyn Brown and Gerard Dawson

via Soundcloud

In this episode of The EdTech Startup Show, Dr. Carolyn Brown, co-founder of Foundations in Learning, joins podcast host Gerard Dawson to discuss the science behind reading. They talk about how the most effective reading interventions focus instruction on how students learn the critical skills required for reading comprehension, and Dr. Brown also provides a deep dive into the varied practice model (VPM), which is the approach leveraged by the Foundations Learning System*.

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*At the time of the interview, our diagnostic and intervention product was known as Access Code, which is how it is referenced in the episode. Access Code has now evolved to become part of the Foundations Learning System, which combines a screener, diagnostic and intervention, along with curriculum guides and detailed reporting, into the only solution that brings the science of automaticity to reading assessment and intervention.

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