Don’t let your learners fall through the cracks. Help students develop automatic word recognition — the critical bridge between phonics and fluency.

Our innovative blended intervention system is the best way to diagnose struggling readers and help them build basic literacy skills. Most importantly, it works!

Foundations in Learning provides tools and implementation support to help educators determine which students lack those skills, identify specific problem areas, and provide successful and efficient interventions.

Educators choose our system to determine which students lack foundational skills, identify specific problem areas, and provide successful and efficient interventions.


Determine which students have foundational reading skill deficits with our brief online screener.

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Identify each student’s specific deficiencies in basic reading skills such as decoding and automaticity of word recognition.

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Provide differentiated reading instruction for each student. Monitor progress with the teacher dashboard. Students typically complete the curriculum in six to nine months.

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For many students, traditional reading interventions don’t work because they do not consider how students learn. Finally, how students learn is linked to how they learn to read.

Access Code uses technology to give teachers a way to employ an effective, proven learning framework that is successful in many domains of learning. It has also shown to be successful for these tough-to-teach students. Here’s how:

  • A novel instructional framework, driven by learning principles from cognitive science, personalizes each student’s experience.
  • Unlike most intervention models which focus on the mastery of isolated skills, the varied practice model allows students to derive the relevant characteristics of words from practice in a variety of carefully constructed tasks and difficulty levels.
  • This learning process promotes the retention, generalization, and application of skills to new words and new contexts.
  • Students develop automatic word recognition, a precursor to fluency and comprehension. They develop skills to flexibly use and generalize their decoding knowledge to become proficient readers.
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Our system is the best way to build foundational literacy skills. Our approach is:

  • Integrated: Move directly from assessment and diagnosis into intervention.
  • Differentiated: Addresses the varied needs of struggling readers in the context of the regular classroom.
  • Personalized: Tailors literacy instruction to individual student profiles, while giving students the opportunity to work at their own pace and choose which activities to do next.
  • Digital: Builds core skills via an engaging online platform accessible across devices.
  • Research-based: Leverages more than 30 years of research and development.
  • Evidence-based: Integrates evidence-based learning theory to drive results.
  • Validated: Proven to help struggling readers make significant gains.

Here’s what teachers are saying about the impact on student performance:

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Foundations in Learning can help you reach many types of struggling readers

Students at Risk for Language & Literacy Development
Students at Risk for Language & Literacy Development

English Language Learners
English Language Learners

Special Needs Students
Special Needs Students

Students Who Learn Differently
Students Who Learn Differently