MarketScale: Why Two Doctors are Rethinking Reading

By Sarah Acre

This MarketScale article features an interview with our founders, Dr. Jerry Zimmermann and Dr. Carolyn Brown, in which they discuss the science and strategy behind the Foundations Learning System*, our integrated screener, diagnostic and intervention to support struggling readers.

The U.S. faces a dire problem with early reading instruction in schools. Students’ reading abilities at the end of the third grade strongly predict later academic success, and foundational reading skills must not be allowed to fall by the wayside. Students who are not proficient readers by that stage are four times less likely than their proficient peers to graduate high school, and represent 63 percent of all students who do not graduate, according to a 2012 report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation…..

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*When the article was written, the product was known as Access Code, which has now evolved into the diagnostic and intervention components of the Foundations Learning System. Ten years of research and product development have led to the launch of this new integrated system, which combines a screener, diagnostic and intervention, along with curriculum guides and detailed reporting, into the only solution that brings the science of automaticity to reading assessment and intervention.

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