Education Week Teacher: Why Educators Need to Make Literacy Accessible, Individualized, and Inclusive

Guest post by Jennifer Abramson

Discover how one Texas school district took a blended learning approach to address the needs of a growing student population in need of explicit reading instruction. Using iASK and Access Code*—which are now components of the Foundations Learning System—Jennifer Abramson, the district’s secondary English/language arts coordinator, was able to deliver appropriate reading instruction that is accessible, individualized, and inclusive for all students.

Literacy may be the ultimate gatekeeper for students, and all too often, it is an issue that is directly impacted by equity and access. Although schools fully realize the magnitude of reading failure, which impacts two-thirds of our nation’s secondary students, far too many are not receiving the literacy training they need to become proficient readers. Importantly, the need for reading recovery should not be regarded as a life sentence that determines future educational and career pathways….

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*In this article, Abramson references our products as iASK and Access Code, which are no longer available as individual products but have evolved to become components of the integrated Foundations Learning System, which combines a screener, diagnostic and intervention, along with curriculum guides and detailed reporting, into the only solution that brings the science of automaticity to reading assessment and intervention.

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