Foundations in Learning Supports Our Customers

Remote learning support for our Foundations Learning System teachers and students is crucial to us. If your students are part of school closings in the coming weeks, we want to reassure you that you have our full support and you and your students can still access the program.  We offer the following reminders and suggestions:

  • Continue to log-in to the system from home just like you would at school.
  • Establish a regular daily schedule to login for your sessions.
  • Use a desktop computer, a laptop or iPad (requires download of the FIL Student app from the Apple AppStore) and use the same login you use at school. The Google Chrome browser is required for desktop and laptop usage.
  • Use the Foundations System every day, but try to do at least three 20-minute sessions per week.
  • Set expectations with students to login daily to continue progress.  Make sure they understand they should login a minimum of three times a week . Encourage a regular schedule for their sessions.
  • Encourage students to do at least two levels on the map during each session.
  • Access the Management site as needed (we suggest three times a week, set up on a regular schedule) to check in on student usage and progress.
  • Check in with parents to encourage support for their students while they are at home.
  • Encourage your students to set up a regular schedule for logging into their Foundations Learning System sessions.  It is very important that they use the program at least three times per week and that they work until their session time is automatically completed and the program logs them out. We recommend daily usage if possible.
  • If your students use an iPad, help them download the FIL Student app from the Apple AppStore, otherwise, they can use their laptop or desktop computer (
  • Encourage and support your student’s regular use of the Foundations Learning System every week.

Should you at any time need additional support or have any questions, please call 888-701-3009 x101 or email us at  Thank you.