Welcome Homeschool Parents!

My name is Carolyn Brown and my husband, Jerry Zimmermann, and I are the developers of the Foundations Learning System. We have spent decades working with children at home, in the lab and in classrooms to research and develop effective reading solutions. Individual children and their parents have taught us so much about this important process. Week in and week out as you work to make sure your children are great readers and learners, we know you are engaged in one of the most important journeys of their educational lives. You work every day to make sure you keep their love for learning alive while ensuring they are building the important foundations for reading. We understand this delicate balance and know it can be challenging. Wherever you are on this incredible home school journey, Foundations in Learning is here to support you and your commitment to making certain your child becomes a great reader. Whether your child is just beginning to read, or is struggling with basic reading skills, we are here to help.

Leaders are Readers!

What is the Foundations Learning System?

The Foundations Learning System is an easy-to-use online reading program designed to help all students develop foundational reading skills. Its personalized approach allows each student to develop basic reading skills that are essential for reading comprehension and fluency.

Who are the students who can benefit from the Foundations Learning System?

  • Young readers who are 6 - 8 years old who are still developing foundational skills Starting early matters and the Foundations Learning System can get students on the right path to reading success.

  • Older readers (9 and older) who are struggling to read easily and automatically

    The Foundations Learning System can help fill in the gaps so your child can catch on and catch up. The personalized practice in the Foundations Learning System ensures all learners have the critical skills to get to reading comprehension.


In less than 6 months of using FLS for only 20 minutes a day, your child can develop essential reading skills that will last a lifetime!


"I am a better reader and I love the teams and getting points!"

13-year old student from Texas


“My son’s reading has jumped two grade levels in six months.” 

Parent of an 8-year old student from Iowa

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