Why It Is Needed


Most reading programs focus on the five essential pillars of an effective reading program (vocabulary, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension), which represent the important knowledge and skills necessary to becoming a good reader.


Good readers, with practice, are able to move from acquiring the rules of phonics to fluency. They are able to transfer their knowledge of the rules to new words and connected text without effort and develop automatic word recognition skills (automaticity). Automaticity is a prerequisite for fluency and is the bridge between knowledge of phonics and becoming fluent.


Perhaps 20% of all learners and a much higher percentage among those at-risk for reading failure, struggle to retain and transfer the rules. They do not develop automaticity and are not able to build their bridge from the pillar of phonics to the pillar of fluency. Traditional (mastery-based) approaches to reading instruction, which focus on acquiring the rules only, do not work for them.


How can they cross the bridge from phonics to fluency? This is the critical question.


Access Code is the HOW.


Access Code is organized around a learning model, the Varied Practice Model, that has been proven to help learners be better able to retain and transfer skills to make them automatic.  Access Code’s scope and sequence and instructional design provides systematically varied experiences that build automaticity and help them cross the bridge between the phonics pillar and the fluency pillar. Supported by continuing reading practice, Access Code helps learners apply the rules in real time whenever they encounter unfamiliar words and connected text.  They develop automaticity, fluency and improved comprehension.





Access Code - Effective for a Variety of Students


Access Code works for elementary and middle school struggling readers, English Language Learners, and Special Needs students.


Find Out How Access Code Can Help These Different Types of Students:

Access Code: helping students cross the bridge between phonics and fluency


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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009