Access Code Case Studies - Bridgeport Public Schools


A randomized trial, involving 9th grade students, was conducted in the Bridgeport, Connecticut, Public Schools in Spring, 2011. Twenty-Four students received Access Code and 28 students in a Control group received Business as Usual. Students were tested before and after the 11-week intervention with AIMSWeb for both fluency and comprehension, and each student's grade level was recorded as the level at which the student was able to perform (in either words / min for fluency or % correct for comprehension).


For comprehension, while both groups started at a similar grade level (7.25 for the Access Code group and 7.21 for the Control group), the Access Code group gained more than half a grade level (MAC=7.8) while the Control group made no gains (MC=7.29). Similarly, for fluency there was no difference at pre-test between the two groups (MAC=7.6, MC=7.4). However, at post-test the Access Code group (MAC =7.75) showed some improvement while the Control group regressed (MC =6.92).



Conclusion: This pilot demonstrates that Access Code is deployable for high school students and the results show an effect on fluency and comprehension.

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