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Access Code: Varied Practice Model
Access Code, driven by the Varied Practice Model, is a web-based, supplementary curriculum for struggling readers in Grades 2 and above to acquire/strengthen, apply, and generalize phonics rules for improved fluency and comprehension.

Who can it help?

As many as 15-20% of elementary and middle school students struggle with reading because of poor word recognition skills. These students:

  • Have difficulty breaking words into syllables
  • Cannot apply/generalize phonics rules to connected text
  • Struggle with comprehension
  • Have a particular challenge with vowels
  • Have not responded to other intervention programs and need remediation year after year
What are the benefits?
  • Varied Practice has been shown to increase a learner's ability to apply/generalize skills and Access Code is the only program that uses this approach.
  • Access Code helps ensure that students understand how vowels and syllables work in words.
  • Truly individualized instruction for each student.
  • Does not require that a teacher discard other approaches and programs. Rather, Access Code can help ensure that students get maximum benefit from those other programs.

Program Components

Access Code Student Program
Student Program

Access Code Extenstion Activities
Poems, Passages and Extension Activities

Access Code Reports

Access Code Teacher Support
Teacher Support
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